Turmeric Root Extract Curcumin Extract 95% Medicated Oil Turmeric Oleoresin

Turmeric Root Extract Curcumin Extract 95% Medicated Oil Turmeric Oleoresin

It is oleoresin obtained by extraction of roots of Curcuma longa Linn, with volatile solvents and concentration to remove the solvent. The oleoresin chiefly contains volatile oil, resin and yellow colouring matter known as curcuminoids. The chief component of curcuminoids is curcumin. Tumerone, Zingiberene are the other constituents of volatile oil. It is reported to possess many pharmacological and anti



Latin name: urcuma longa L.


Plant part used: Turmeric Root 


Appearance: Lght brown to dark brown clear liquid


Active Ingredient: 70%Curcumenol, 26%Elemene


Main Function: Antiviral, antimicrobial and antiparasitic activitiesTurmeric, a perennial herb, 1-1.5m. Roots developed into a bundle, branching oval or cylindrical, orange-yellow, very fragrant; roots stout, enlarged into a root end. Leaves basal,5-7, 2; petiole length 20-45cm; narrow leaves oblong or elliptic, 20-50cm, width of 5-15cm, apex acuminate, base cuneate, decurrent petiole, above the yellow-green, light green below, glabrous. Scapes extracted from the leaf sheath, peduncle length 12-20cm, spikes cylindrical, length 12-18cm; upper bracts without flowers pink or reddish purple, oblong, long 4-6cm, width of 1 - 1.5cm, in the lower part of the flower bracts bright green or green and white, ovate to nearly oblong, 3-4cm; calyx simple green and white, with three teeth; corolla tube funnel-shaped, about 1.5cm, yellow, throat Ministry densely pubescent, lobes 3; fertile stamen 1, filaments short and flat, anthers oblong, the base distance; ovary, outside pubescent, style slender, the base has two rod glands, stigma slightly swollen, slightly lip. Flowering in August.


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