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Types Of Chili Peppers
Sep 05, 2017

Vegetable pepper var. Grossum (L.) Sendt.

The plant body is stout and tall. Leaf moment rounded or ovate, 10-13 cm long. Fruiting pedicels erect or drooping, fruit large, subglobose

Shape, cylindrical or oblate globose, multiple longitudinal groove, apical truncate or slightly inverted, basal truncate and often slightly inward concave, not spicy and slightly sweet or slightly with pepper flavor.

Both north and South China are cultivated, and the commonly sold vegetable peppers in the market are variants.

Green Pepper (variant) var. Conoides (Mill.) Irish

Plant body many dichotomous branches. Leaves 4-7 cm long, ovate. Flowers often solitary in two-branched, pedicels erect, flowers slightly drooping, corolla white or purplish. Fruiting stems and fruit are upright, fruit small, conical, CA. 1.5 (-3) cm, ripe red or purple, very spicy taste.

The north and south of China are cultivated, and the masses are often cultivated as bonsai.

Clustered pepper var. Fasciculatum (Sturt.) Irish

The plant is up to 1 meters tall. Leaves Ovate-lanceolate, petiole slender. Flowers at lower branches of Chang, at apices of branches as a result of extremely short internodes and several flowers (up to 8-10 and several leaves clustered together), pedicels thin, erect or obliquely ascending, slightly drooping flowers. Fruiting Pedicels Stout, erect, Berry pointed or paniculate, 4-10 cm long, slightly arcuate, erect on stem, ripe, red, spicy.

Both north and South China are cultivated, usually as bonsai or with a small amount of plant as a vegetable or condiment.

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