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Pepper Seeding And Seedling Raising
Sep 05, 2017

The methods of raising seedlings of plastic small arches are described as follows:

① seedbed Selection: seedbed to choose the north to the south, Gao refreshing water, and water convenience, and has not planted a tomato crop plots.

② seedbed Preparation: The seedbed is best in days deep digging baked soil, above a layer of livestock and animal dung, dried, covered with film, to prevent the loss of fat in the rain.

③ sowing: Before sowing, the bed soil is fully watered and the whole is fine and flat. Seedbed width generally 1.5-1.7 meters is advisable. Generally do not soak the germination. Early-maturing species in general January sowing, late-maturing species generally 2-3 months sowing, planting an acre need to sow 75-120 grams.

After sowing, with a mixture of old chaff ash or ash of the fine soil cover species, about 2 centimeters thick, to cover no seeds for degrees. Then watering, to be collected water, covered with plastic film, and finally with fine bamboo or bamboo slices into small pieces of the arch, a height of 0.5 meters high, covering the film, the film North of the Earth compaction, to benefit the wind. Both sides are pressed with bricks for good, in order to expose the film at any time, ventilation.

④ seedbed Management: After sowing to emergence, generally do not need management, found that began to sprout, to immediately remove the film, otherwise form high seedling. After the emergence, clear the film 9 o'clock in the morning clear, 4 o'clock in the afternoon still covered with film. The rainy day also should try to ventilate. found that the bed is white, seedlings wither Yan, then need to water, watering time must be at 9 o'clock in the morning 1-2 o ' clock. After watering for two hours, check again, if the local is still a dry elephant, the water, so that the seedlings grow consistent. Rainy days, frozen days should not be watered, otherwise, due to excessive humidity, bed temperature is reduced, prone to disease. Snow weather, can be covered with grass windows, grass windows above a layer of film, you can also install electric light in the bed to benefit the cold seedlings.

⑤ platoon seedlings: In order to make seedlings stout, root system developed, when the seedlings appear two real leaves, need to implant once, spacing 6-10cm, line 12-15cm, side row side watering, to prevent seedling wilt, the preparation, requirements and management of seedbed is similar to the seeding bed.

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