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Growth Habit Of Capsicum
Sep 05, 2017

The early stage of the germination of capsicum seedlings, after the germination of the general 5-8 days after sowing, 15 days to appear the first true leaf, to Bud revealed as the seedling stage. The first flower spike to the door pepper sitting on the main flowering. After the fruit is set, the seedling is the result period. The suitable temperature of chili peppers is between 15-34 degrees. Seed germination suitable temperature 25-30 degrees, germination needs 5-7 days, less than 15 degrees or above 35 degrees when the seeds do not germinate.

At the seedling stage, the temperature is higher, 25-30 degrees in the daytime, 15-18 degrees at night is the best, the seedlings do not withstand low-temperature, to pay attention to cold. If the Chili Peppers at 35 degrees will cause falling flowers.

Pepper on the condition of strict water requirements, it is not drought-tolerant and flood-resistant. Like to compare dry air conditions.

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