Super Water Soluble Lutein

Super Water Soluble Lutein

Lutein also known as plant progesterone,is a natural pigment widely present in the banana ,kiwi,corn and marigold. Lutein is a kind of carotenoid .




             Lutein powder: 2% -80% HPLC / UV
             Lutein cold water soluble powder (CWS): 5% -20% HPLC
             Lutein beadlets: 5%-10% HPLC
             Lutein oil: 5% -20% HPLC
Lutein Ester 
             Lutein ester: 5% -80% HPLC
             Lutein ester cold water soluble powder (CWS): 5% HPLC
             Lutein ester beadlets: 10% HPLC
             Lutein ester oil: 5%-20% HPLC
             Zeaxanthin: 5%-60% HPLC
             Zeaxanthin cold water soluble powder (CWS): 5% HPLC
             Zeaxanthin beadlets: 5% HPLC
             Zeaxanthin oil: 5%-20% HPLC


1.As skin cancer inhibitor and care skin;
2.As inhibitor of LDL cholesterol Oxidizing;
3.As inhibitor of tumor and cancer;
4.Its oxidative metabolites in chemoprevention of cancer;
5.As inhibitor of blood-vessel clogging;
6.It delays lung aging. Lutein as inhibitor of arthritis;
7.As AMD inhibitor, cataract inhibitor, and eyes benefiter.


1. Applied in food field, it is mainly used as food additives for colorant and nutrient;
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used in vision care products to alleviate visual fatigue, reduce incidence of AMD, retinitispigmentosa (RP), cataract, retinopathy, myopia, floaters, and glaucoma;
3. Applied in cosmetics, it is mainly used to whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection;
4. Applied in feed additive, it is mainly used in feed additive for laying hens and table poultry to improve the color of egg yolk and chicken. Make high commercial value fishes more attactive, such as salmon, trout and spectacular fish.



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