Pure Zeaxanthin Marigold Flower Extract Lutein

Pure Zeaxanthin Marigold Flower Extract Lutein

Eliminating free-radicals,protecting human body from harm,improve immunity, protecting skin from the harmful solar ray.



Product Name: Lutein

Botanical Source: Marigold Flower

Latin Name: Tagetes Erecta L.

Part Used: Flower

Appearance: Reddish orange yellow fine powder

Specification: 5%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 98% HPLC/ UV

CAS No.: 127-40-2, 84776-23-8 

EINECS NO.: 204-840-0,283-949-5 

Molecular Formula: C30H26O12

Molecular weight: 568.85

Current evidence suggests lutein and its isomers play important roles in ocular development in utero and throughout the life span, in vision performance in young and later adulthood, and in lowering risk for the development of common age-related eye diseases in older age. These xanthophyll (oxygen-containing) carotenoids are found in a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, and they are present in especially high concentrations in leafy green vegetables. Additionally, egg yolks and human milk appear to be bioavailable sources. The prevalence of lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin in supplements is increasing. Setting optimal and safe ranges of intake requires additional research, particularly in pregnant and lactating women. Accumulating evidence about variable interindividual response to dietary intake of these carotenoids, based on genetic or metabolic influences, suggests that there may be subgroups that benefit from higher levels of intake and/or alternate strategies to improve lutein and zeaxanthin status.

1.Packaging: 25kg per cardboard barrel, inner by double food plastic bags;

 2.Shipping: Within 5-7 working days; by air, by sea or by express;

 3. Storage: Store in dry and shady place, avoid sunlight and high temperature;

 4.Shelf life: 24 months;

E-mail: monica@deyuanbio-tech.com 

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