Marigold Flower Extract Lutein Crystal 5%-80% HPLC/UV

Marigold Flower Extract Lutein Crystal 5%-80% HPLC/UV

It has a vasodilator function can improve retinal blood circulation and promote the supply of nutrients ,can prevent the occurrence of a disease caused by the human body due to organ aging, and prevention of cell aging.



                                       Product Description

Certification: ISO, FDA
Application Form: Injection, Lotion, Tablet, Capsule
State: Crystal
Specification: 1kg /2 layer Vacuum Alu bags in Drums
Assay Method: HPLC, UV
Application: Food, Health Care Products, Medicine
Extract Source: Marigold Flower
Transport Package: 1kg /2 Layer Vacuum Alu Bags in Drums
Origin: China
Spec 5% ~ 80%,Powder, Oil, Beadlet, Crystal 
Packing 1kg /2 layer Vacuum Alu bags in Drums or on customer request
Appearance Orange Powder, Oil, Beadlet, Crystal

1. Lutein is extracted from our own Large-scale plant farms both in China and India.
2. Modem growing methods leading our plants with pesticide residue and heavy metal rates well controlled.
3. Self-own farms keep our quality and supply very stable.
4. We do not add any Antioxidant during the extract process.
6. Advanced Three-in-One Automotive production line leading us High efficiency but Lower cost.
7. We keep delivering the better quality to customers hands worldwide due to:
       -  Whole Cold-chain transportation from the farm to our factory.
       -  Below -80 ºC lucifuge stock conditions  
       -  Packed with Two layer Vacuum Alu bags in Drums.

We serve many customers worldwide and even some of our counterparts always buy it from us for better quality and lower price... Welcome to contact  for  competitive price and COA or SPEC. Thank you


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