Marigold Extract For Chickens With 5% Lutein

Marigold Extract For Chickens With 5% Lutein

The main active ingredients in marigold extract is lutein. Lutein--one of the most common Carotenoids widely presented in plants especially dark-green leafy vegetables. Lutein is synthesized only by plant itself and like other xanthophylls which is usually found in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and Marigold Flower. In green plants, lutein act as modulate light energy and serve as a non-photochemical quenching agents to deal with triplet chlorophyll (an excited form of chlorophyll), which is over produced at very high light levels, during photosynthesis. Lutein is also a very important natural yellow pigment in our lives due to its color. Naturalin’s marigold extract is extracted from pure marigold flower, very safe.



Naturalin Code:NAT-143

Product Specification:10%~80% Lutein

Plant Source Latin Name: Tagetes Erecta L.

Test Method:HPLC


1.Protect skin from the harmful solar ray.

2.Protect skin through reducing the risk of macular degenration.

3.Prevent cardiopathy and cancer and resist arteriosclerosis.

4.Prevent retina against oxidation when absorb light

5.Anti-cancer and preventing diffuse of cancer cell

6.Promote eyes' health


1.In food field, applied as food additives for colorant and nutrient

2.In pharmaceutical field,applied in vision care products to alleiate visual fatigue, reduce incidence of AMD, retinitispigmentosa(RP),cataract,retinopathy,myopia,floaters, and glaucoma.

3.In cosmetics, applied as whitening,anti-wrinkle and UV protection

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