Healthy Natural Marigold Flower Extract Marigold Oleoresin

Healthy Natural Marigold Flower Extract Marigold Oleoresin

Lutein Oleoresin is obtained from marigold flower by fermentation, subcritical extraction and concentration. Its main components are mainly xanthophills and other carotenoids,plant fat and wax. Soften to oleoresin under the conditionsof above 30°C. When temperature reaches to 40°C, the product becomes sticky liquid. It is soluble in vegetable oil,ethonal and hexane, not soluble in water.




marigold extract is heated to increase flow ability and then 

purified to remove the fatty acids commonly found in marigold extract and 

produces crystalline lutein and zeaxanthin.Lutein is a well known 

carotenoid found in the human diet, blood, and tissues.

Benefits and Uses of Marigold Extract:
On a small scale marigold in cosmetic creams lessen the appearance of wrinkles while hydrating the skin.
Marigold has also been recommended in reducing inflammation, soothing irritated tissue, treating varicose veins and capillary engorgement because of its anti-inflammatory properties as well as for congestion.
In tincture it is used topically to treat acne. It is an anti-viral and also has anti-genotoxic properties.
There is some evidence that marigold extract in an ointment or cream is 
effective in treating radiation dermatitis.
In studies of radiation patients the use of 4 percent topical calendula 
ointment resulted in fewer occurrences of radiation dermatitis (grade 2 or 
higher) and the pain that can be associated with it.
Marigold extract has been shown to have protective properties that guard 
against lipid pre-oxidation as well as negative free radical activity due to its antioxidant 
Extract of dried organic flowers were researched to judge their ability to 
hold in check the (HIV-1) human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replication and were found to 
possess anti-HIV properties of therapeutic interest.
For use internally, calendula has been found useful for gastrointestinal 
disorders for its ability to protect the lining of both the stomach and 
It does this by inhibiting the causes of inflammation by limiting the effects of bacteria that can cause gastritis, peptic ulcers or even stomach cancer.
Taken orally the extract has been effective for soothing stomach ulcers and their inflammation. Traditionally, it has been used for both constipation and abdominal cramps.
Marigold has many external uses all due to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities of the orange flower petals.
These properties make the flower a popular treatment with effectiveness in treating such ailments as ear infections as good as the leading 
prescription drugs. This holds true for chronic conjunctivitis (pink eye) as 
Extract in ointment form is soothing to areas of inflammation because it 
has the ability to attack the bacteria causing the problem.
This is true for inflammations such as hemorrhoids, insect bites, scalds, 
burns (including sun- burn), acne, eczema, diaper rash as well as the 
vaginal itching caused by tissue changes during menopause.
Gargling with calendula extract in water (tea) is known to ease sore throat 

Applicable Industries: Pharmacy, Functional Food,Beverage, Food Additives,Cosmetic

Delivery time :Around 2-5 workdays after your payment.
Packing :packed in aluminum foil bag, double plastic-bag inside
Net Weight :25kgs/Drum
Gross Weight :28kgs/Drum
Drum Size & Volume:D35cm × H55cm, 0.08 m³/ Drum
Payment terms:T/T or Western Union
Srorage :Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelf Life :Two years when properly stored


1. Small Orders: by DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, FedEx, etc.
2. Big orders: by air or sea


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