Best Factory Price From China Formamide

Best Factory Price From China Formamide

Formamide is widely used in industries of plastics, fiber, medicine, dyeing, perfume, organic synthesis and light industries as materials; Used as paper surface conditioner, fiber soften agent, animal glue conditioner, medium of solvent and conditioner.



Application of Formamide
Formamide is a chemical reactant or solvent in various chemical processes. It is mostly used as a reactant in the manufacture of agrochemicals (e.g. imidazoles), pharmaceuticals (e.g. allopurinol), and industrial chemicals (e.g. n-vinylformamide) and as a solvent in polymers and resins. 
1) To synthesize pharmaceutical, spicery, dyestuffs;
2) As solvent in synthetic fiber spinning,plastic processing and lignin ink production etc,as paper treating agent,coagulation accelerator in oil well drilling and building industry,as carburant in casting industry,glue softener and as polar solvent in organic synthesis;
3)  As RNA stabiliser in gel electrophoresis by deionizing RNA;
4)  It can be added into sol-gel solutions in order to avoid cracking during sintering;
5)  (in its pure state) used as an alternative solvent for the electrostatic self-assembly of polymer nanofilms;
6)  Used to prepare primary amines directly from ketones via their N-formyl derivatives, using the Leuckart reaction;
7)  A constituent of cryoprotectant vitrification mixtures used for cryopreservation of tissues and organs;

Super ClassFirst ClassEligible Class
Appearance  Colorless Transparent Liquid  
Color Index≤102020
Formic Acid%≤
Methyl Formate% ≤
Ammonium Tetra Formate%≤


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